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As we all know that real estate in Pakistan is going on its peak by every day. People are once again making more and more investments in it. Investment in real estate in Pakistan needs a lot of attention and care. Below are then few points which will really help you before you make any investment decision.


Get the idea of buy or sell property in Pakistan. How is land measured? What are the present rules and regulation imposed by the government in term of real estate?


If you are a seller and involved in the business of home for sale in Pakistan or dealing in commercial property for sale then you should know the way of persuading and satisfying your clients. Like every business, it also needs s hard work and patience. Your negotiation skills matters a lot to attract the buyer. You should be aware of all laws, rules and new trends of this field.


It is very important that a good seller should have keen eye of analyzing worth of property. If you are working as a direct seller or the like any real estate agent in both case you should process good analysis skills.


A good investor should be well aware of all these methods like lending property, mortgage etc. For undercutting a property in time and to get greatest reaction, you have to advertise your property to potential buyers. That is why it is necessary to work with a qualified proficient land operator while putting your property available to be purchased in Pakistan.


Best idea is to buy a new or wholesale property whose price is considerably lower as compared to any developed property. Buy cheap property and reshape it which can increase its worth then sell it on double rate than actually. Like people who had bought property in year 2000 in very cheap rates could be now double or triple of its actual price. Market value increases with time. House for sale in a changing real estate market can be risky and challenging.

The area is significant to land venture. Before experiencing the inconvenience of contributing cash, ensure the property for sale, you are putting resources into is situated in a lucrative area. As a general guideline, you can search for a normal looking house at an impeccable area. This is the essential guideline of putting resources into land advertise.

The purpose behind putting resources into a normal or underneath normal house with a decent area is the chance of building value. The area can't be changed, yet the property can simply be taken a shot at. You can redesign and offer it for an attractive sum. This idea is known as "Settling and Flipping."

The previously mentioned factors are a couple of focuses you have to concentrate on when truly putting cash in the land advertise. Real estate agents have now Simplifying the complex property buying and selling in Pakistan. They help you to reach your goals in finding Property for sale in Pakistan.

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If you are looking for an urgent and reliable way to get a new home, plot or commercial property then you are at right place. We have launched the easiest and reliable platform for minimizing the distance between buyer and seller. this smart website for ease of buyers and customers. We provide most up-to-date and accurate information about the property.


This website is totally free. Which means that you can register yourself for free and you can also submit your Property for Sale in Pakistanfor free of cost. You can get your property free estimated through this site. You can list your property by providing all information about in and by posting several descriptive images of the property.


If you are willing to make investments in the Real Estate Pakistan then this provides you the best chance. Many overseas Pakistanis are willing to buy their property or want to Sell Property in Pakistan and some want to do investments in the commercial sector. is getting popular day by day in overseas Pakistanis as this has become more convenient for them to make deals from distant places.They simply visit our site and get their deals done. As we already stated that this sites the best Real Estate in Pakistan where you can make fair deals.


We have the wide range of commercial property for sale, with authorized deals across the Pakistan. We have made this portal in a way that it covers the wide range of deals and provides ease to customers.  


Pakeproperty has reduced the gap between seller and buyer. is the number one Real Estate Website of Pakistan where you can market your property through property listing. You can also find real estate agents which really smoothen the whole process. It has become necessary to work with some potential and qualified real estate agent in Pakistan. Local location wise real estate agents are available as a local person knows more about the land worth etc. which is very beneficial for you.


We also give worthy and valuable tips for free of cost. Whether it is buying or selling of property or ways to improve your value of the property. Get free advice from our experts on buying your own home in Pakistan or if it is about commercial property for sale in Pakistan.

If you are looking for plots for sale or houses for sale in Pakistan. is the right place for all investors to invest in real estate in Pakistan.

Right now, DHA LahoreBahria Town IslamabadWapda Town LahoreBahria Town Lahore and Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society’s (MPCHS) sector B-17 are highly very famous for Real Estate Investors.

Also, we have the specialized team of property experts who can give you with their valuable suggestions at any point in the process which will be very helpful for you.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Why we are different ?


Why we are different ?

Pak E Property is the first innovative real estate web portal with new dimensions in the sector, aiming to provide easy access to buyer and seller for any kind of property. Our portal is equipped with the state of the art services and user friendly experience which enables them to explore more than property listings. In order to get into highly competitive market Pak E Property website is enabled with automated tools for Agents and consumer's connectivity, furthermore we are working one step ahead in the market to offer unmatched services in future. Pak E Property is home of professionally trained employees which contributes in our growth culture.


Pak E Property is offering diversified options for Real Estate Agent and customers in Pakistan.
1. Free listings of property 
2. Real Estate Auction Room 
3. Property Assessment 
4. Project Modelling 
5. Communications tools 
6. Pak E Property integration with Google Maps Services. 
7. Real Estate Business Directory 
8. Pak E Property Real Estate Analytics Report 


Pak E Property is designed on concept of global village. As we introduced communications tools in order to move ahead in matured market of online property portal in Pakistan. For the 1st time in Pakistan we are offering state of the art communication system for Agents as well as consumers. Pak E property is providing live chat, chat rooms, audio call, video call and internet meeting for corporate clients globally. 

Auction room 

Pak E Property has developed innovative way of buying and selling property in Pakistan giving access to Agents for online auction. Traditionally in real estate sector 80% of the business is carried out by Agents 2 Agent | Investors. We have designed online bidding system in such a way where members feel secure and safe regarding their properties. Top real estate agents of Pakistan will be able to access this service.

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If you are considering purchasing houses for sale, then you should have knowledge of purchasing the house. However, inverse to what you think, the land likewise changes, the principles and directions change. When you are obtaining another property, you should never hold up. Not at all like some other thing on earth, is Land the one that is getting costly every day? Answer is of course it is. The property that you thought you could purchase a year ago may be twofold the value today. Thus, in the event that you are considering purchasing a home, simply run with it now before the cost gets expanded. Here are a couple of tips which will fill in as a manual for purchasing homes for sale.

The realities

When you are going to get property for sale in Pakistan, focuses to consider land value, the place or the area, installment structure, size of the home, initial installment, rules and regulations by the government.

The land cost

The principal thing that you should know when purchasing a property for sale is the cost of the land. Many individuals neglect this noteworthy component when buying a home for sale. The more the land value, the costly is the house. Ensure that you think about and do legitimate research on the property and the land cost where you will purchase your second home.

Numerous real estate agents or property owners attempt and trap the purchasers by telling the cost of the land more than its value. Research the nearby registries and real estate agents to enquire the real land cost.

The area of plot for sale

In the event that you are purchasing another home with a family, at that point study the territory and the area. Check whether the plots for sale has every one of the amenities like offices, schools, parks, malls, transportation, amusement focuses, libraries, and so on. Please ensure that you comprehend what you require.

Authenticate the place

Purchasing a house is not a simple undertaking, you will be moving with your family to another area. So you have to ensure that the area is likewise protected. Examine the web and area for any wellbeing worries of that range. You can visit the official site of that place and see the criminal records. The property for sale in Pakistashould be authentic and shouldn’t be disputed.

Extraordinary measures needs to be compared to other approaches to ensure the area is protected. Before buying property, go see and visit the place yourself.

See the property for sale yourself

The trend of buying real estate in Pakistan has increased in overseas Pakistanis. In the event that you are going to buy another home, at that point you should ensure it is in great condition. Visit the place, see the property yourself. Don't simply put stock in the land sites.

Today these land sites have facilitated the way toward purchasing a new home or in commercial property for sale. Visit the site and see the property and by making an appointment with seller. Buyer should not rely completely on Information given by Agents or sellers. Buyer need to do his/her research by doing multiples inquires a about property. The photos on the land site may be deceiving. It is vital that you visit the place yourself and see the whole Property from within.

Friday, 14 July 2017




Real estate never devalues an extremely popular bookkeeper's sentence. It obviously says that real estate is such an advantage which never loses its esteem. Or maybe it's a property, estimation of which increments over the era and increments mystically. Regardless of what's the swelling rate, development rate of the economy, real estate's esteem dependably increments and returns benefits for the real estate proprietors.


Investment openings are looked by the lenders at whatever point they have overabundance cash to put in. All the areas have a hazard figure them, regardless of whether high or low like industry, administrations and so on. Be that as it may, in real estate, the hazard is not an issue by any stretch of the imagination. Yes! It's the best alternative accessible.


In Pakistan, the industry is confronting droop as of late because of energy emergency and different issues like lack of value crude material and work. So the financial specialists waver to put their assets in the business segment. At last, they put their reserve funds in the real estate area to make their investments protected and beneficial.


As depicted before, it's the main resource, worth of which dependably increments. A benefit, regardless of whether hardware or whatever else, gets diminished in an incentive with use as the time goes on. Devaluation is a well-known fact! Be that as it may, real estate is such an advantage which is absolved from this run the show. A real estate worth Rs. 1000000 is unquestionably worth Rs. 1100000 tomorrow! So the financial specialist has no motivation to deny this alternative.


Who among doesn't thinks about mammoth shopping centers which are developed in Pakistan all through the nation? Pace, Panorama, Hyper-star, Metro and numerous others have enormous ranges of real estate under their rooftops. This the sum total of what region has been made into working, on account of the real estate organizations. The speculators have made an exceptionally safe beginning venture by making shops in these courts and afterward have either sold them or let them out on lease. In both the choices, the dealer can produce high measure of incomes.

From the perspective of speculator, a business spot is created. Many individuals get work subsequently and thus economy gets a lift up. In this procedure, a gigantic character is of real estate in Pakistan.


The streets of Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and different various urban communities witness immense farmhouses, lodges and houses. DHA Lahore Houses, Bahria Town Lahore, Gulberg Lahore Bahria Town Islamabad Houses, DHA Karachi and numerous other lodging frameworks are incredible cases of real estate ventures. Individuals are today ready to purchase their own particular houses inferable from real estate.

Real estate is a considerably more protected venture with regards to lodging plans. It's an extremely safe approach to acquire benefits. Buy a real estate first. At that point either develop a house on it and deal it, charging a value which returns adequate benefit. Second path is to gain a real estate and after that deal it after some time when its esteem gets acknowledged and let the purchaser make his very own place decision.

So all around, it is particularly apparent that real estate is Best Avenue to put resources into current situation of Pakistan's economy.