Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Fist Enterprise Real Estate Web Advertising Portal

Pak-e-Property is a Real Estate web Portal introducing new dimensions in Real Estate Sectors. We connect Buyers with Sellers & Owners with Renters across the country to giving them potential opportunities. First time in Pakistan Real Estate sector, we are introducing worldwide live chat, audio call & conference, video call & conference. We offer Dealer 2 Dealer & Dealer 2 Customer real time communication free of cost in just few clicks.

Our Slogan


  • Ø  Free Property Listing for Users & Real Estate Agents
  • Ø  Featured Real Estate Agents
  • Ø  Top Real Estate Agents
  • Ø  Hot Property Listings
  • Ø  Real Estate Agencies Profile
  • Ø  Available Maps of Housing Societies
  • Ø  Properties on MAPS
  • Ø  Real Estate Agencies on MAPS
  • Ø  Search Properties on MAPS
  • Ø  Auto Distance Calculator from your location to a desired Property
  • Ø  Real Estate Agents Business Directory
  • Ø  Live Auctions Room
  • Ø  Live Text Chat
  • Ø  Live Audio Chat
  • Ø  Live Video Chat
  • Ø  Live Audio & Video Group Chat
  • Ø  Property Assessments
  • Ø  Projects Modeling
  • Ø  Online Advertisements